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Gothic Cathedrals
History of Cathedrals
How they were Built
Gothic Cathedrals
Romanesque Cathedrals
Gargoyles and Grotesques

Gothic Cathedrals

Gothic style cathedrals were built between 1200-1400 A.D.  They were very ornate and decorative and each decoration also served a purpose.  Since cathedrals are very large, the walls tend to get very weak so they had to be reinforced, and thus used flying buttressess to hold them up.  They also had to protect the walls against erosion,  so they made rain gutters that spouted out into gargoyles. (see Gargoyles page for more info)
Gothic cathedrals also had ribbed vaults to support the ceilings, and pointed arches. 
One of the most decorative features of gothic cathedrals were the Rose Windows.  These huge, circular, windows were filled with stained glass of different colors.




^ Here is the facade of a Gothic Cathedral.
<- Here is an example of a ribbed vault
<- Here is a gothic floor plan